December 2007

Dennis KuchinichI really don’t want this post to be a political rant, but please consider the facts here. Dennis Kucinich is running for President of the United States and the major media press rarely give his actual ideas time or coverage. I think he has some very good ideas and I invite readers to check out his website. I believe many Americans would agree with his ideas if they were aware of what they were.

So what kind of coverage is he given by the press. Basically they deride him because he admits to having seen something airbourne in the sky that he couldn’t identify. That is what a U.F.O. is, an unidentified flying object. I’ve seen one too, in the company of other onlookers and two policemen who were also watching. Dennis and I are in good company. Former President Jimmy Carter and former Arizona Governor Fife Symington have seen unidentified things in the sky along with airline and Air Force pilots and others of excellent reputation. To my knowledge neither Carter nor Kucinich make any claims to know the exact nature of what they saw. So basically they are admitting to seeing something that defied identification.

There are billions of stars in the Universe and many of them have planets circling them that could support life. There could be thousands of advanced civilizations in space capable of interstellar travel. This is not a matter of belief, it either is or it isn’t factually, and until it is proven one way or another, it is ignorant of the media to be derisive of anyone merely reporting what they saw. But I do not believe that the media does this out of ignorance. It is a plan to sideline people from politics who are a threat to the the multinational corporations which own the major media outlets. Remember when the major media tried to sideline, (in my opinion) the greatest American of my lifetime, Al Gore, by spending days talking about how he had changed his choice of clothing color to earth tones? Not exactly important policy information. This was meant to simply muddy the waters and stifle real debate about pertinent issues. Never mind GWB couldn’t find Iraq on the map, Al Gore wore earth tones.

Let’s look at the the media’s current darling, Mike Huckabee. What are his beliefs and disbeliefs? He doesn’t believe in evolution but he does believe in creationism. Will he force our public schools to teach creationism if elected? He believes in literal Biblical Armaggedon and possibly “the Rapture“. How will these beliefs color our foreign policy if Huckabee is elected? I affirm the freedom for anyone to believe what they want, but personally do not favor dying in an atomic catastrophe caused by someone attempting to create Armaggedon while commanding the world’s largest thermonuclear arsenal.

Related: To admit entertaining the view that UFOs are real is to subject yourself to scorn by the media. A current news story from Japan.


On Monday evening I was honored to participate at a dinner party for Mina Lee, the talented fashion designer of Derercuny, at the elegant downtown (NYC) home of the very gracious Vanessa von Bismarck. I read tarot cards for the guests. Carol Han of was kind enough to include me in her account of the party.

In trends of the holiday party world, I have noticed in my own work that though tarot card reading remains my most popular offering, handwriting analysis is edging out palmistry by a wide margin. I think this is because handwriting analysis can be successful even in a very loud party environment, where hearing what is being said can be daunting. The actual analysis can be a nice take-away party reminder.

Though it was not my initial intention to create this blog to be about entertaining, that is in fact what my life is about this time of year. I enjoy the good fortune to bring people the opportunity to explore ideas about the paranormal in a friendly, non-threatening, and celebratory environment. If I bring an “Ah-ha” moment to an event attendee I am thrilled to have participated in opening a portal for them which they can further explore.


I had an odd experience vis a vis an e-mail and a blog entry of Frank DeMarco (Moonstruck flock to Arizona light collector- check it out).The same morning of the blog entry (Friday) I woke very early and decided that instead of getting up, I’d stay abed using my new Remote Viewing take home CD from the Monroe Institute. I was having an interview with a Japanese newspaper about things that might happen in 2008. So my RV goal was to foresee some big or major news events for the coming year. I got my earphones on and my paper and pencil next to me for notes and proceeded to listen. I remember jotting down a few images I saw and then dropping out (like dozing off but with a qualitative difference) for about 90% of the CD time. During the dropout period I had the coolest body sensations of rippling and rocking. The rocking I’ve had several times before but the rippling was all new and really cool like my body was made of water.I had a breakfast appointment that I was nearly late for when I woke up and did not check my notes as I climbed down from my loft bed and into my clothes. I later checked my email and saw Frank’s post and sent off an e-mail response about how interesting I thought it was.Later in the afternoon before the Japanese newspaper guys stopped by, I went up the ladder to fetch my notes and collect my thoughts. As I read through them I saw scrawled there amongst 5-6 items. Arizona. Lots sm. solar cells… white… brigtht… blue… on dish. Then it hit me. Was this a future oriented event or did I just “see” the picture from Frank’s post? Reading my notes jarred my memory (and I will try to keep better notes in the future because of this experience). The significant difference between the photos of the actual moonbeam array and what I “saw” was the shape of the array. I saw a dish, not a rectangular array, but interestingly the small round cells glowed a bright bluish white like moonbeams.These adventures just get more interesting all the time!


Fahrusha and Diana Falzone on PaltalkOn Thursday, December 6th, I was a guest on the Diana Falzone Show live on We had a lot of fun talking about psychic subjects both on and off camera. Through the magic of the internet we spoke to Paltalk members live. I read tarot cards for the callers to answer their questions. Diana is a terrific host, a multitalented performer, and a very personable and attractive young woman. Thanks to both Tanya Meunier and Gary Baumgarten for making it all possible. The photo is by Gary Baumgarten.

black butterflyOn October 5 2007, I set out for the Monroe Institute to study remote viewing. Remote viewing is a skill whereby you can literally see events and places at a distance. That will be the subject of a different posting.

I traveled very early that foggy morning to Newark Airport. Due to the fog-in at both Dulles and Newark my first plane was delayed by three hours. I was worried about making my connection at Dulles to Charlottesville, there to be picked up by Monroe shuttle and brought to the beautiful campus of the Monroe Institute in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fog lifted in Newark first and my plane boarded.

I sat at the back of the aircraft on the left side looking absently out the window at the tarmac willing the plane to take off so I would not be late for my black box session at TMI that afternoon. Then I saw a butterfly flit around my window. Odd, I thought. Especially odd since it was all black. In my many years wandering around the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania countryside, I can’t recall ever seeing a black butterfly. This creature was 2 to 3 inches tall and 3 to 4 inches wide, larger than the little white butterflies I often see but smaller than the biggest monarchs I’ve seen. It had no dots or other perceptible markings. My thoughts during that brief encounter were mostly distracted by my fears of late arrivals and connections missed. But I tried to telepathically communicate with the little creature, thinking, “Fly away, little one, the back of a jet plane is not a safe place for you. Fly away to someone’s nice garden with beautiful flowers”.

Then I was further distracted by a stewardess reviewing the flight safety information and was shortly whisked aloft. I arrived at Dulles and took off in a sprint to catch my connecting flight. Thankfully it too had been delayed and with a call to the ever helpful Monroe staff I knew I’d make my connections. Happily gazing out of the plane, again in the back left side, I was looking at another airplane at the gate one down from the gate from which my plane was leaving. It too was facing away from the gate queuing perhaps, to take off. My eyes glanced upon something fluttering and flying near the tail of the plane. I have occasionally seen a pigeon or seagull at the airport, but this creature was all black. Could it be a crow, a grackle or a starling? NO! It had no noticeable head. It fluttered and hovered by the rear of that plane much bigger than any butterfly of my experience. What was this creature? I had a sudden fear. Was this a bad omen for my flight or my trip? Should I stop the plane and insist on getting off?

I checked with inner guidance and could find no reason to leave, so off I flew to Charlottesville and shuttled with the van to TMI. I became immersed in finding Dr. Darlene Miller and then experiencing my 4th ever black box session. Later that afternoon, I was sitting outside in back of a friend’s home, chatting happily when I peered upward and next to the building we both saw another black butterfly. It was midway in size between the first two and somehow fluffier. It was no bird as it again had no perceivable head and it was not a bat because it did not have a bat’s body and it was still full daylight. I am really glad my friend saw it too or I’d wonder for my sanity. He could not recall ever having seen a large black butterfly in Virginia.

I am still not sure the meaning of all this. If anyone reading this has any ideas please post them here. Farasha is an Arabic word for moth or butterfly.