July 2009

IMG_4927I haven’t done any fun posts of late, so here’s a contest. Where was this photo taken?  Please list country and town/city. I’m not sure of the prize. Any suggestions? I will publish the comments until a correct answer is given and then I publish the answer.

Update: The winner is Bid! The photo is of Dragør in Danemark (Denmark). What would she like for a prize? Let me know Bid. The flowers are “hollyhocks” in English (stockrosor in Swedish[?]), but as Karen said they are huge here because they are closer to the Arctic Circle. Second place goes to Baker, because (s)he named a town in Denmark, though it wasn’t the correct town. Third place goes to Sandy, Ellen and Marc who all guessed Denmark but gave no town. To everyone else who participated I send out a virtual hearty handclasp! This was so much fun (for me at least) that I may just do it again.