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This entry has been written by a guest author, Ted Fontaine. I hope you will enjoy it and give it some thought. I am fascinated by Ted’s conclusions, and though his thoughts are not necessarily mine, I am giving these ideas serious consideration. I have read some of the Michael channeling and it was very compelling. An additional note is that author and crypto-archaelogist Andrew Collins believes Akhenaton and Moses to be one in the same historical person. I have no current opinion on that thesis.

I wish the Obamas every success in the coming campaign.

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Are Michelle and Barack Obama the reincarnation of Queen Tiye and Akhenaton of Ancient Egypt?

Before I go ito any detail about any past life relationship between Michelle and Barack Obama and Queen Tiye and Pharaoh Akhenaton I would like to mention the Michael Teaching first introduced through the Chelsea Quinn Yarborough’s Messages From Michael which included much of the original Michael Channeling through Sarah Chambers. The teaching was later continued by other Michael channels, mainly in the California Bay Area. I learned Michael channeling from Steve Cocconi, who learned from Holly Coleman, both residents of Northern California. They have nothing to do with my present observation about our presidential candidate except that I feel like it comes from my association with the Michael Teaching and my own perceived ability to channel the being Michael.

In a nutshell, Michael is a disincarnate entity or a being that is conscious in the “causal plane”, one of the seven spiritual realms (I include the physical plane in the spiritual realms.) Strictly speaking, according to the Michael Teaching, an entity is a composite of about 1000 fragments. What is a fragment? You are a fragment. Entities, at some time, or location, make a decision to divide into fragments and incarnate into physical bodies. Kind of like an apple becoming a pomegranate or an egg becoming a blastula. After completing numerous lifetimes the fragments, in the nonphysical, begin to unite. When the entity is recombined it has advanced to the Causal Plane. Michael is a Causal being composed of 1050 warriors and kings. Yes, there is more. Every fragment has a role. You have a role. You keep he same role from lifetime to lifetime. There are seven roles as follows: Warriors, Kings, Servers, Priests, Artisans, Sages and Scholars. We also choose a set of overleaves or energy bodies before each incarnation. For example Obama (according to my channeling) is a King (role,) with a server essence twin, attitude of spiritualist, mode of power, goal of acceptance, moving centered in the intellectual part, solar/saturn body type, 2nd level mature. (Other channels might have different overleaves, but we are also students of the Michael Teaching.) His wife Michelle is a Priest with a Warrior essence twin, goal of growth, mode of power, attitude idealist, Venus body type, 3rd level mature.

There is also an overleaf called chief feature, the chief obstacle, but I haven’t looked at that yet.

According to Michael through his channels, we reincarnate in an orderly way through steps called soul ages and levels. There are seven soul ages and each are divided into seven levels. The seven soul ages, are infant soul, baby soul, young soul, mature soul, old soul, transcendental soul, and infinite soul. Basically once you are complete with old soul you don’t need to reincarnate any more. You are done. You can focus your conscious awareness in the astral plane and beyond. I am not sure what that is all about and I don’t want to make any claims but hopefully, in any spiritual teaching, we enter through the door of faith and leave through the door of verification.

Every soul age has seven levels and it may take a few or more lifetimes to complete a level. You can complete a level in one lifetime, but it usually takes more. Along the way you create lots of karma that you have to later burn away. There is much, much more to all of this but I want to get on to the Obama/Akhenaton connection.

Akhenaton was a famous Egyptian Pharaoh. He was originally named Amenhotep IV, He was the son of Amenhotep III. He was married to Nefertiti. His mother was Queen Tiye. He is famous for introducing monotheism, the worship of Aten, to Egypt. Aten is associated with the Sun, specifically the disc of the Sun. To worship Aten however you had to worship Akhenaton. It’s good to be the king.

“Early in his reign he shunned the gods of old and began to worship a new god, Aton, whom he believed to be the only true god and sole creator of the universe. He renamed himself Akhenaton (“He Who Serves the Aton”) and moved his capital from Thebes to Akhetaton (“The Place of the Aton’s Effective Power”). There he created his own civil service, and became a much more accessible pharaoh than his ancestors. He also built smaller, more open temples and public buildings. “

So why do I think there is a connection?

Last year I spent some time at Michael Tsarion’s web site (no relation to Michael the Causal entity) reading his article on the Hyksos tribe who migrated into Egypt around 1600 BC or so. The Hyksos integrated into Egyptian society and ruled prior to the reign of Ahkentaton. Tsarion believes that Queen Tiye (1415 bc- 1340 bc) and here son Amenhotep (1392 -1362 bc) were both descendants of the Hyksos. For what it is worth, Tiye married at the age of 12 or 13. Considered intelligent and diligent, she was involved in the court politics and administration.

In his article, Tsarion included an image of Queen Tiye that was surprisingly naturalistic for Egyptian art. Egyptian art is highly stylized toward the ideal but this statue showed what Queen Tiye must have really looked like. It shows a personality, maybe a little too much personality. For some reason Tsarion took the article down but the image of Tiye I have included below is close to what I remember seeing at the web site. What is interesting about Tiye, and perhaps why some of her portraits are not as stylized, is that her parents were “commoners” not of any royal family. How did she come to power as the Queen of Amenhotep III? I would like to know the whole story.

I hadn’t revisited the site or the image, but it did stick to my mind. There was a fierceness in her scowl and in her eyes that I could not forget. She looked like one very determined woman. I found the image quite striking. Except for Ahkenaton, I have never been emotionally impressed with Egyptian Art. It is beautiful and grand, but for me there is no connection to the artist. It’s about grandeur and gods and not about the person. But this little portrait of Tiye almost scared me. It was real and I was looking at an image of Queen Tiye as an emotional human. This was an image that represented her reality and not the ideal of the queen.

About two weeks ago I was looking at an image of Michelle Obama and something about her seemed familiar. It was in her eyes and and shape of her mouth. I remembered the image of Tiye. Could there be a connection? Perhaps, Michelle also grew up in a working class family but earned a degree from the elite Princeton University, like Tiye, she was both racially and economically an outsider.

Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye

Queen Tiye

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Maybe, maybe not..

Back to channeling. I have been a Michael Channel/student since 1990. This means that in 1990 I made the realization. I may have been working with Michael for years, perhaps many previous lifetimes. For me, what that means is, trust my intuition and trust my feelings about these insights. My nonphysical friends and teachers are always working with me, whether or not I go through the meditation ritual to tune my consciousness to the frequency of vibration I call Michael. I made the agreement, so, If I have a strong feeling that there is a connection between Tiye and Michelle, that is reason enough to look into it. I have learned to recognize what I believe to be nudges from the non physical. Bottom line, I have no physical or historical proof of any of this but it feels right – to me.

After I compared the images of Tiye and Obama I looked for images of Akhenaton and Obama. The following are very striking.

Then there is Obama’s logo which is the rising (or setting) Sun. Akhenaton was not only the God King, but he was a representation in the flesh of Aten, the disc of the Sun.

What is curious to me is the choice of photos that Time magazine chose. Out of all the photos they choose one that resembles the face of Akhenaton. Are they on the something? Are they making the same association?


Are there any other parallels? Tiye was a very powerful queen who was instrumental in placing Akhenaton on the throne while he was still a teenager. I don’t know how much influence Michelle has upon Barack but she seems to be very involved in the political game.

I would like to have more information on all the players. More parallels may appear. Here is an excellent article on the Lincoln/Kennedy connection:

From Michael (My channeling technique for this was calling in the energy then typing)

Many of you are hearing the word change as if it is a positive affirmation. We assure you that change is simply change. Everything changes. Without change there is no growth and nothing to learn. A truer statement from Obama should be. Look at me, I am different and I will attempt to lead differently than the present leader. It is not necessarily good or bad, it is just different. Of course there will be change. There will be change with the man McCain who should as well be using a cane. The election is weighted toward the man Obama however that is a feeling of his popularity and not the final count of votes. You really do not have a choice in this matter and we would suggest that you not concern yourself with who wins the presidency. There is will little difference in peoples lives. There will not be a global nuclear war if McCain should win and it is unlikely if humanity will reach a higher state of joy consciousness if Obama should win. Both of these outcomes are global and are out of the control of any one candidate.

For those fragments who have chosen positions of leadership they will favor less lifetimes as it is usually difficult for the personality to adjust to a position that is far less elevated than pharaoh, king, president, or dictator. Local chief does not offer the highly charged lifetime that Pharaoh may provide. Although, as you well know and have explained, All That Is is neutral to these sort of things. Essence (source) does not make distinctions. However—-the royal cadres (those fragments who have been habitually choosing lifetimes in royal families) have been choosing to remain that way. Few fragments really want the lessons that come with political leadership. Too much Karma!! Imagine leading a nation to mass murdering millions. What are you going to do next? These royal cadres are as selective about lifetimes as they are selective in their breeding practices.

We would concur with your insights on the return of this dynamic duo. At the time she was instrumental in putting him into office as she is working today to put him into office. He tends to be a bit erratic and a party animal while she is the responsible one of the two. She sees this as an opportunity for power but in her mind this has a greater purpose other than power, unlike other politicians who seek the power and all of its embellishments. She is more of an idealist than she appears to be, as she masks the idealism with skeptic which gives her a street smart sense about her. She is habitually sliding to the negative pole of skeptic, suspicion. The way out is investigation, but the investigation is about herself and she is not introspective, even for a priest. She wants the better world, a better place and a better time but she self sabotages. She has her hands full with Obama, who is not well centered, even for a King. He has not been taking enough lifetimes to ground well. He is high frequency for a King and tends to work the sage qualities that he has learned. Notice that he is not quite comfortable as sage, he is smooth, but it is not quite natural. He is performing but if you look carefully his performance betrays himself.

Note that Michelle has a powerful desire to be the “beloved queen” as she has done in the past, while Barack still believes he is the Sun God. So, as a young soul in ancient Egypt, with his mother Tiye, he becomes the representative of the Sun God.

For such beings this sort of eternal recurrence is always a dead end as lessons go. The object is for the ego to transcend the physical and march on into the spiritual realms. However, the ego, the personality as it exists on earth is a temporary vehicle. It is supreme egoism to continue the same ego throughout lifetimes. You do not progress. It is a path that is sought after by many fragments but has the side effect of exhausting the store of source energy. The fragments will choose to search for greater heights of aggrandizement and power to support themselves. Many have developed ornate rituals to help channel energies that give them the extra energy they desire.

It is all choice. You can all choose to maintain your present personality for as many lifetimes as you like. However you bring in more and more baggage if you refuse to let go. As we said, you really need to travel lightly. Be wise to give up everything for the new. Even with the help of his long time friend and ally, Tiye-Michelle, with her desire to be the beloved queen, he will not be the Sun King he once was. As humanity moves into a mature soul majority there will be less and less opportunity for the appearance of the divine right of kings and queens.”