March 2008

Gaia Mask

Above: Mask of Gaia by Lauren Raine

Do you want to have a creative mini-vacation this Spring? Are you interested in exploring the feminine side of the divine? Have you always imagined yourself as Venus or Nu’ut? Ishtar, Freya, Saraswati, Pele or Selu?

This April you can live out that creative dream at THE KRIPALU CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH in the Berkshires (Massachusetts) by attending Lauren Raine‘s Masks of the Goddess: Maskmaking, Ritual and the Goddess Within. Lauren is a wonderful artist and great spirit, who I’ve known for many years. She is dedicated to the concept of the divine feminine and the Gaia Principle.

You will be able to create your own mask and relate to it through ritual. The experience of making a mask is creative and spiritually nourishing and dates back centuries in a variety of cultures the world over.

The dates are:
April 13 – 16, 2008 (Sunday – Wednesday)

For information By Phone: 800-741-7353


The mind is not a thing. The mind is a series of processes. The brain is an organ inside the head that processes electrical stimuli, the brain is not the mind. The physical senses pick up a small band of the ambient frequencies out there and those are what the brain processes into our reality. What is going on within the other frequencies that the brain does not and cannot process? Are there other “things” or forces present with us that we cannot sense? Almost certainly so. What are the consequences to us of these other things and forces coexisting unseen and unsensed by most of us? Many people go about their daily lives and never once consider this. Consider now that what you know as “reality” is only a small band on the frequency within this time space continuum, like only being able to tune into one radio station, except this is not a radio show…this is your life.

My friend and MUFON investigator, John Yates, favors us with an on-site report of what is going on with the Stephenville Lights investigation.

In no particular order, here is what I remember of meeting: Room was full of “members only”, no-press allowed meeting of D/FW MUFON on Sunday March 9th. State Director of MUFON Ken Cherry and State Director of Field Investigations Steve Hudgins reported on the investigation conducted in Stephenville/Dublin Texas area. This is a long hour’s drive from the Dallas/Ft Worth Texas cities. The reporter from the local newspaper there and several MUFON Investigators that conducted interviews also reported to the group..

Bottom line after interviewing over 200 “witnesses” and seeing several video, etc is that nothing definitive has been presented to be able to say the sightings were ” a___________”. Data are still being analyzed and this includes more video camera material. Watch for major television program in March/April. With one possible exception, fraud has not been suspected so far in the investigation.
Comments included these blurbs: This area is rural and located in the Bible belt. The expected crowd to come in and “testify” was to be about 50. Over 400 people showed up including tons of media—–trucks, TV cameras, the whole shebang. A few of the science-type channels spent a week or more in the area.
This was not a “first-time, one-time” sighting. It has been going on in this area for years.
Over 80% of the people requested anonymity and the so-called “lunatic-fringe” that show up at events such as this were not in evidence
Much of the testimony came from local law enforcement persons. Those who have read of this event will remember the Air Force and their reactions. First denial, finally a report of F-16s in the area and then denial of this. In a follow-up session for others to come in and “testify”, seventeen people added to the data.
For the most part, the press coverage, radio, TV has been straight-up. None of the little green men type of reporting.
Again, the people reporting these events include pilots, law officers, professional types and people that are well aware of “normal ” aircraft.
Stay tuned for more when available.
John Yates, MUFON Field Investigator

Short post here. There is a fake Stephenville website out there.

Angelia Joiner’s authentic site is

The inauthentic site is Don’t be fooled!

There is a lot of really good information on the web about remote viewing and I hope to be putting some of it out there in the coming months. Over the past couple days I have been participating on one that is really easy to use and lots of fun. It is called Remote View Daily.
Everyday they have a new target. You set up an account (it’s free) and you can remote view everyday and get results in your email. It is great practice. I have been accustomed to drawing what I see, but at Remote View Daily they allow you only five words to describe what you’ve viewed. This is at once good and bad: good because it disciplines you, bad because if you do not practice in any other way way, it is a narrow way to work. But for someone who has never tried it at all, this site is a terrific first trainer.
For the much more serious would-be remote viewers out there, I recommend any of the five fine individuals I have studied with: (in chronological order) David Morehouse, Russell Targ, Skip Atwater, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul Elder. Each one highlights different aspects, but all have taught a valuable skill very well.
Receiving RV certificate at TMIHere I am receiving my remote viewing certificate with TMI Director Paul Rademacher and instructor Paul Elder at David Francis Hall, Monroe Institute, VA, October 2007!
Two so-called witches are in the news. The first from England from the Guardian:

Britain’s last ‘witch’ may be pardoned

By Bonnie Malkin and agencies

Last Updated: 11:01am GMT 28/02/2008

Helen Duncan

Campaigners will submit a petition to the Scottish Parliament today calling for the last woman convicted under the Witchcraft Act to be pardoned.

Helen Duncan spent nine months in Holloway prison after being convicted at a trial in 1944.

Her conviction followed a seance at which the spirit of a dead sailor was said to have disclosed the loss of the battleship HMS Barham with most of her crew.The sinking had been kept secret by the authorities to maintain wartime morale, and was not disclosed for several months.A petition to the Westminster Government last year failed to secure a pardon, and the new petition urges the Scottish Government to urge the Home Secretary to reconsider the case.

The 1735 Witchcraft Act was repealed by the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951.

Scottish Parliament researchers said it was a common misconception that Mrs Duncan was convicted of being a witch.

“In fact, the 1735 Witchcraft Act was originally formulated to eradicate the belief in witches and its introduction meant that from 1735 onwards an individual could no longer be tried as a witch,” said their research paper.

“It was, however, possible to be prosecuted for pretending ‘to exercise or use any kind of witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration, or undertake to tell fortunes’.

“Supposed contact with spirits fell into this category.”

A second petition asks MSPs to urge the Scottish Parliament to grant a posthumous pardon to all people convicted in Scotland under all witchcraft legislation.

The petitioners claim around 4,000 people were convicted, 85 per cent of them women.

The Witchcraft Act was in force between 1563 and 1736, and the top county for witchhunting was the area that is now East Lothian.

Torture was used to extract confessions as late as 1704, said the petition, and those convicted were almost always strangled before their body was burnt.

The petition states: “Many of today’s professions have their roots in tradition and what could be seen as mystical wisdom.

“Professions such as mediumship, herbalists, midwifery, reiki and many alternative therapies, to name just a few.”

And from Saudi Arabia via the BBC:

Pleas for condemned Saudi ‘witch’

By Heba Saleh BBC News

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft. In a letter to King Abdullah, the rights group described the trial and conviction of Fawza Falih as a miscarriage of justice. The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read. Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent. Human Rights Watch said that Ms Falih had exhausted all her chances of appealing against her death sentence and she could only now be saved if King Abdullah intervened. ‘Undefined’ crime The US-based group is asking the Saudi ruler to void Ms Falih’s conviction and to bring charges against the religious police who detained her and are alleged to have mistreated her. Its letter to King Abdullah says the woman was tried for the undefined crime of witchcraft and that her conviction was on the basis of the written statements of witnesses who said that she had bewitched them. Human Rights Watch says the trial failed to meet the safeguards in the Saudi justice system. The confession which the defendant was forced to fingerprint was not even read out to her, the group says. Also Ms Falih and her representatives were not allowed to attend most of the hearings. When an appeal court decided she should not be executed, the law courts imposed the death sentence again, arguing that it would be in the public interest.

Before I go any further with my commentary, may I ask my readers to go to a petition to save this woman’s life.

What is a witch? Is it someone who practices Wicca, an animist faith of Earth-based spirituality? That could certainly be one definition. But it probably does not define either of these women. A dowser is also sometimes called a witch, but certainly neither of these women are or were being persecuted for dowsing. No, in both cases the definition would be one who practices sorcery, usually a woman, a sorceress.

In the English case, Helen Duncan, apparently through mediumship, had sensitive knowledge which she could not have obtained through her five ordinary senses. In the case of Fawza Falih there appears to be no evidence whatsoever that anything criminal, paranormal or otherwise has occurred. Indeed, if a woman could cause impotence in a man with a withering look, surely there would be no rape, and far fewer unwanted pregnancies or babies in the world. In fact Saudi Arabia is a place where the rape victim is punished, often by death, and the perpetrator goes free or gets a slap on the wrist.

Even in countries that have a veneer of equal rights for women, the appellation of “witch” or “bitch” is commonly used to marginalize powerful women. Although women make up 51% of the US population there has never been a woman president. Why? Because powerful women get marginalized by being called these names and by being held to a different standard than men.