On Monday evening I was honored to participate at a dinner party for Mina Lee, the talented fashion designer of Derercuny, at the elegant downtown (NYC) home of the very gracious Vanessa von Bismarck. I read tarot cards for the guests. Carol Han of Elle.com was kind enough to include me in her account of the party. http://fashion.elle.com/blog/

In trends of the holiday party world, I have noticed in my own work that though tarot card reading remains my most popular offering, handwriting analysis is edging out palmistry by a wide margin. I think this is because handwriting analysis can be successful even in a very loud party environment, where hearing what is being said can be daunting. The actual analysis can be a nice take-away party reminder.

Though it was not my initial intention to create this blog to be about entertaining, that is in fact what my life is about this time of year. I enjoy the good fortune to bring people the opportunity to explore ideas about the paranormal in a friendly, non-threatening, and celebratory environment. If I bring an “Ah-ha” moment to an event attendee I am thrilled to have participated in opening a portal for them which they can further explore.


Fahrusha analyzing handwriting Yesterday evening I had fun analyzing handwriting at a wine tasting party at New York City’s Metro Cafe & Wine Bar. The party was a press reception for Dow Jones Stoxx division. A great time was had by all. The sommelier was very knowledgeable. If I wasn’t working, I certainly would have tasted the wine!