Dennis KuchinichI really don’t want this post to be a political rant, but please consider the facts here. Dennis Kucinich is running for President of the United States and the major media press rarely give his actual ideas time or coverage. I think he has some very good ideas and I invite readers to check out his website. I believe many Americans would agree with his ideas if they were aware of what they were.

So what kind of coverage is he given by the press. Basically they deride him because he admits to having seen something airbourne in the sky that he couldn’t identify. That is what a U.F.O. is, an unidentified flying object. I’ve seen one too, in the company of other onlookers and two policemen who were also watching. Dennis and I are in good company. Former President Jimmy Carter and former Arizona Governor Fife Symington have seen unidentified things in the sky along with airline and Air Force pilots and others of excellent reputation. To my knowledge neither Carter nor Kucinich make any claims to know the exact nature of what they saw. So basically they are admitting to seeing something that defied identification.

There are billions of stars in the Universe and many of them have planets circling them that could support life. There could be thousands of advanced civilizations in space capable of interstellar travel. This is not a matter of belief, it either is or it isn’t factually, and until it is proven one way or another, it is ignorant of the media to be derisive of anyone merely reporting what they saw. But I do not believe that the media does this out of ignorance. It is a plan to sideline people from politics who are a threat to the the multinational corporations which own the major media outlets. Remember when the major media tried to sideline, (in my opinion) the greatest American of my lifetime, Al Gore, by spending days talking about how he had changed his choice of clothing color to earth tones? Not exactly important policy information. This was meant to simply muddy the waters and stifle real debate about pertinent issues. Never mind GWB couldn’t find Iraq on the map, Al Gore wore earth tones.

Let’s look at the the media’s current darling, Mike Huckabee. What are his beliefs and disbeliefs? He doesn’t believe in evolution but he does believe in creationism. Will he force our public schools to teach creationism if elected? He believes in literal Biblical Armaggedon and possibly “the Rapture“. How will these beliefs color our foreign policy if Huckabee is elected? I affirm the freedom for anyone to believe what they want, but personally do not favor dying in an atomic catastrophe caused by someone attempting to create Armaggedon while commanding the world’s largest thermonuclear arsenal.

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