Recalcitrant Neanderthal in the bastion of Cro-Magnon religion refuses to become employed by the Man and visits with ancient Earth Goddess.

Homo sapiens sapiens or anatomically modern man, is supposedly the only living member of the genus Homo. What’s so special about them? Are they more important than other forms of life? Why would “higher beings” or “aliens” care anything about them? How are they different from other animals? Other mammals? I’ve met nice humans and horrible humans, but I couldn’t conceive of why they were superior to a dog or a tree. I cannot think of one reason. 

I sometimes say I’m half alien and half Neanderthal and I’m only half joking. Bada-bing!

So finally instead of asking why Homo sapiens sapiens are better or somehow more worthy, my question became “is there some way in which they are different from other animals?” and what I came up with startled me. I chose not to include plants or rocks in this blog spot, because their consciousness is so different and I do not want to get into a long discussion about consciousness vs. self-consciousness.

What do anatomically modern humans do that other mammals don’t do? Communicate? No, mammals communicate though their means of doing so and their languages are different from ours.

Mammals have roles within their groups. In herd and pack animals, a member might lead the group, be a scout, or bring up the rear. These roles may change as they age or join a different pack, herd, or pod. Other erect hominids such as homo nalidi, Denisovians and Neanderthals have one role description unknown (as of now) in other mammals, and that is the role of shaman.

In contrast to their direct ancestors, the erect hominids, “modern” humans work at a vast multiplicity of jobs for outside agencies. No other mammals willingly work for outside agencies that are beyond their social group. Domesticated canids see their humans as the leaders of their pack. Much has been written on the human dilemma concerning lack of meaningfulness or relevance of a wage job wherein the employed person can find no connection in the “real” world to what they are doing because they are participating in making useless products for profit or pushing buttons on an automated assembly line. There is a soul crushing disconnect in this. However this is not a diatribe against the corporation. In fact when giving insights to clients about investing their funds, I often suggest they invest in companies whose products they themselves use.

To my knowledge, no other wild mammal, including other erect hominids, ever naturally work outside of their herd or clan group. How did this behavior arise in modern humans? In contemplating this my mind wandered toward alternative human history narratives. I have always been fascinated by theories about older civilizations in prehistory, particularly in Egypt, promulgated by Robert Schoch, the late John Anthony West, and others, since I had spent some time in Egypt. Then came the discoveries of the late German archeologist Klaus Schmidt around the purposefully buried structures of Göbekli Tepe in eastern Turkey and the theories of alternative human history were suddenly more valid.

I am a “be in the now” sort of person, devoting myself to an Eckhart Tolle version of reality wherein now is the only time that exists. It is always now. This keeps me relatively sane. So spending lots of mental energy on what may or may not have happened in the distant past was not my thing, but it was curiously interesting, as I have the habit of visiting what I consider to be power spots of antiquity.

From what has emerged from these discoveries it appears that there was some sort of a cataclysm around 12,000 years ago which caused a reset of human society. “Civilization” had to start almost from scratch and many people (most?) were annihilated. From this cataclysmic time come global tales of the Flood including that of the Biblical Noah. The waters rose and some former human habitation centers were drowned underneath the sea.

The current best guess as to what caused the annihilation and massive change in climate is that pieces of a broken up comet bombarded Earth over the course of several years. However, my mind suddenly became drawn to the work of Zecharia Sitchen. I had known of Sitchen’s work, but never focused on it at all. Now thinking about it and his theory of Nibiru and the alien overlords who bred and forced humans in Africa to mine gold, it became a possible answer to why Homo sapiens sapiens work at jobs having nothing to do with their lives and work for the profits of others outside their clans. Current thinking seems to preclude the idea of another planet such as Nibiru but there are some theories as to a brown dwarf companion to our Sol that may have come closer to the solar system.

Laird Scranton who has been my guest on “Shattered Reality Podcast” has been able to fill in some of the blanks of these theories through linguistic studies starting with the current cosmology of the Dogon tribe to ancient mining pits of South Central Africa to Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands to the Australian outback.

So to come back to my starting point, Homo sapiens sapiens is the only mammal that works for the profit of others outside his own biological group (clan) causing feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Did this originate because of the needs of alien entities for gold? I do not know. I do think that working in this manner is senseless. In the current reset I hope that individuals will work in smaller more manageable groups for their own best good at tasks they enjoy. This is not some sort of Marxist fantasy because in that system the government replaces the corporation and the only result is less productivity, just another less efficient Big Brother. Spirituality is discouraged and sometimes forbidden.

Although I still practice the doctrine of the NOW, I also try to wrap my monkey brain around the concept that linear time, as we commonly think of it, does not exist. Everything is happening now and the 4-D world is only a manifestation of energy.

Fahrusha is a professional intuitive and the host of “Shattered Reality Podcast”.