An example of purposely blurred photograph of the moon discovered by Ken Pfeifer.

An example of purposely blurred photograph of the moon discovered by Ken Pfeifer.

Notice: I have spent quite a bit of time adding links to this post, while trying not to add too much of my personal opinion. If you are interested in lunar anomalies, you are well advised to follow these links, where you may find some compelling images and information. Then you can make up your own mind about these phenomena.

There’s a lot we know about the moon: It’s roughly one-sixth the size of the Earth, is about 4.6 billion years old, is approximately 238,000 miles distant from the Earth, has no atmosphere, and is covered with fine gray powder. There is more water in the moon than was once thought. Humans have walked on the moon during six Apollo missions, and we’ve sent many more probes there to map it and study it, but somewhat oddly NASA hasn’t sent humans back there since the 1970s. As I write this, China has an unmanned probe called Jade Rabbit (or Yutu in Mandarin Chinese) on the lunar surface.

But there’s much we don’t know about our nearest space neighbor, too. We’re not sure where it came from. Some think it might be a broken-off chunk of Earth. But this is unlikely because analysis indicates that the amounts of the elements in the Moon’s and the Earth’s compositions are sufficiently different to make it unlikely that the Moon formed directly from the Earth. And there’s evidence that the Moon once had active volcanoes, but we’re not sure if it’s still geologically active. There are so many theories about the origin of our celestial satellite from the prosaic to the bizarre that I could write numerous blog posts on that subject alone. It has been posited that the Moon may be a hollow, artificial spaceship from another civilization.

The Moon has other controversial mysteries, too. Some people think aliens have, or once had bases there. Some think there’s intelligently manufactured stuff on the moon – other than the Apollo debris – that the government knows about, but is not telling us. I had some unusual visions or remote viewings of the Moon. Please see this post from 2012.  There are many enigmatic photos that seem to show shapes and structures on the lunar surface that don’t fit conventional explanations.

Strange things have been seen on the moon for centuries — usually flashes of light or color, or lights that appear to move across the lunar surface. These are known as transient lunar phenomena (TLP), and many of the reports, dating from 1540 to 1969, have been cataloged by NASA. It is still not definitively known what causes TLPs though there are, of course, many theories. But perhaps the best source for this kind of information in the public  is The Lunascan Project, an organized effort by amateur astronomers to record and document TLPs. Some such flashes of light and color might be attributed to meteor impacts or perhaps some kind of gaseous emissions, but harder to explain are the “fastwalkers” that have been videotaped by several amateur observers. At one time NORAD purportedly tracked these “fastwalkers” that also enter Earth’s atmosphere and leave again. I wonder whether they still do.

The Lunascan Project is an Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging program using CCD & digital imaging technology to observe, document, and record live images of LTPs (Lunar Transient Phenomena) . The  Lunascan Project is also involved in the selection and comprehensive study of archived images from NASA and other sources in the search for possible evidence of extra-terrestrial artifacts on the Moon. The Lunascan website directories house some of the best lunar images and links from around the world.

A gentleman named J.P. Skipper has a website about Mars anomalies, but has dedicated a number of pages to problems with photos of the moon which he believes to have been doctored.

Ken Pfeifer, the head of the New Jersey branch of the Mutual U.F.O. Network (MUFON) and Chief Investigator for MUFON in New Jersey, Vermont and Rhode Island, whose lunar photo finds grace this blogpost, maintains several websites with amazing photos of UFOs and other anomalies he has discovered including this gallery.

Alan Caviness has catalogued a number of historical Moon anomaly sightings as well as the amazing story of Karl Wolf here.

I spoke with Kate Valentine about the Moon and her mysteries on her show. Other podcasts with interesting broadcasts about lunar anomalies are the Paracast and Don Ecker’s Dark Matters. Don Ecker is a former editor (with his wife Vicki) of UFO Magazine and has a particular interest in unexplained Moon mysteries. I recommend listening to Don’s interview with Vito Saccheri which is Episode 112 of Dark Matters Radio on iTunes. A provocative book called Somebody Else Is On The Moon by George H. Leonard is prominently mentioned on this episode and I intend to read every word of it (free download).

Debunkers point to pareidolia as the reason for Moon anomalies. Pareidolia is defined by Wiktionery as: The tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as interpreting marks on Mars as canals, seeing shapes in clouds, or hearing hidden messages in music. This does not explain why NASA smudges out parts of the photographs of the far side of the lunar surface. I maintain an open mind and I am still searching for answers.

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A possible building on the moon.

A possible building on the moon.