I am sure that many people who read this are aware of additives which are added to our food and cosmetics supposedly for our own good. Many of us apply sunscreen, or wear makeup with vitamins, or eat yogurt with added cultures all in the hopes that we will remain attractive or healthy longer. But how many of us know that some additives are made of bits so small that they are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair and that these bits easily penetrate human organs including placenta and fetuses thereby also entering into children before they are born. These nanoparticles do not seem to be as carefully regulated as they ought to be. This could be cause for great medical concern in the future when we are all filled up with the stuff and our bodies react in an unexpected way. Yeah, I know, you didn’t need something else to worry about. Sorry.

The links below were sent to me by my friend Bill formerly of Superior:
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