OK Folks, here it is- the second mystery photo contest! Where was this photo taken and who is in it? By who I mean the three people in the front. I’m not sure who the people in the rear are so I wouldn’t be able to moderate that answer in any case. The people in the photo are not eligible to win, in case you were wondering and neither is the person who took the photo, though she will be credited after the answer is revealed. All answers written in will be revealed when the contest has ended.  As in my previous contest, I will allow the winner to suggest the prize. (And no, a million U.S. Dollars is not a possibility! 🙂 )

Oh yes, you can get half the answer, such as you can name the three people and not the event and location, or vice versa. Good luck and may the best human win!

Update!!! 09/16/10

The contest is over with the first prize winner being David Biedny, second prize goes to Ellen J. and honorable mention to Shelia K., Jill J. and Patricia.  David identified all the participants and the general venue, Ellen identified me and the specific venue. Shelia, Patricia and Jill all identified me. The second Dave (G.) who identified Jeff Peckman as disclosure dude was close (but no cigar 🙂 ).

I wanted to give Mr. Biedny a box of the “Alien Cereal” that Jeff Peckman had in his hand, as a prize. Alas I could not find one for sale.