Fire Island Sunset, August 22, 2011

On August 23, 2011 between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. I was travelling on a ferryboat from Fire Island N.Y. to Long Island N.Y. after a too short holiday. There was a small girl about four years old who was also on the boat with a group of relatives. We were both riding on the open top level of the ferry. Towards the end of the ride I was gazing at the shore in anticipation when the level of the Earth seemed to shift. The sea was very calm and this was not a wave in the water. The child noticed it too and pointed and cried out to her fellow travellers who had not seen it. I mentioned it to my companion with a bit of anxiety but he hadn’t noticed it either.

Soon I was in a car driving west toward Manhattan and Massapequa where we would stop for lunch at the All-American on Merrick Road. The event on the ferry probably would have passed totally from memory had it not been for the news I heard on the radio when I returned to the car after lunch: THERE HAD BEEN AN EARTHQUAKE IN NYC!!! Totally surprising, and as it turned out the actual epicenter of the quake was in Virginia, but it was clearly felt in New York City. The visual anomaly seen by myself and the child had been approximately an hour before the earthquake struck. Was there any connection? I do not know.

During two recent but different summers at a location in western Morris County NJ I heard a low mechanical consistent fast rumbling sound that lasted for over an hour both times. It was also heard by another person who was with me. I went outside though it was after midnight in both cases. I could not determine the location of the sound. It seemed to have come slightly southward of my location and I suspected underground tunneling.

On Monday, February 02, 2009 at 10:34:19 PM and Tuesday, February 03, 2009 at 03:34:19 two earthquakes were felt just to the south of the location where I had been. I was not present for either of them but was told by several persons who were, that the sound was like that of a large truck that had been dropped from a great height.

Recently I have become aware of the mysterious sounds which a variety of people from many places around the world have heard. There are purported recordings of these sounds on YouTube, some of which are probably hoaxed, but I think not all. Most of the sounds are slightly metallic in nature and people sometimes compare them to “Archangel Gabriel’s Trumpet” which is thought to herald the “endtimes”.

What I think may be happening is related to global warming and some earthquakes. As the Earth’s temperature is rising quickly (in geologic terms) perhaps on average a degree a decade, the polar ice caps and many glaciers are melting causing a displacement of water. Simply put, large amounts of water in the form of ice are melting and the water in liquid form is going elsewhere. In the North Arctic/Atlantic region the melting fresh water being dumped into the sea seems to have affected and diverted the Gulf Stream causing Europe to have a record cold winter. With the Himalaya glaciers melting there is abnormal flooding in Pakistan and Bangladesh in the rainy monsoon season. Small islands are being lost in the Pacific. In other places the lack of snow/ice/glaciers are causing the land to rise very slowly and unevenly causing some of these sounds and earthquakes. Water is extraordinarily heavy even when it is only a few feet thick. Think of massive amounts of rock under considerable pressure shifting against one another for perhaps miles on a seam under the surface of the Earth. Granted, this explanation is somewhat simplistic, but generally speaking this is what I believe to be happening.

It would seem that it is The Mother Gaia speaking to us.

For an interesting compilation of these trumpet-like mechanical sounds heard worldwide and some back stories from experiencers go to which is Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles website.

Friday August 24, 2012 Update

I am vindicated on my theory of how global warming is causing more earthquakes!


credit:NASA skylab

credit:NASA skylab



There have been very few sunspots on the sun for the last two years. So far it has been cool for late Spring in the greater New York City area. These two facts may be related.

Sunspots are magnetic storms that well up from the solar depths to the surface of the sun. It is believed that jet streams within the sun are responsible for sunspots appearing on the surface. Coronal mass ejections and the related solar flares are associated with sunspots. Historically sunspots wax and wane in eleven year cycles, though this is variable. The low point when there are few sunspots is known as the solar minimum and the high point of a cycle is called the solar maximum. We are now in a deep solar minimum. The year 2008 had the fewest sunspots since 1913.

During a solar maximum, the next of which was predicted for 2012, there is much solar magnetic activity in the form of sunspots and often solar flares and coronal mass ejections. There is disagreement among scientists as to whether this coming solar maximum will actually happen in 2012, because we are currently in a deep solar minimum and whether or not it will be a mild solar maximum. When the solar maximums are severe they can disrupt life on earth, particularly within our electrical grid. A high solar maximum replete with coronal mass ejections can cause power outages due to melting of the transformers within the electrical power grid. If you think of everything in our culture that we use that is dependent on electricity, you can imagine how severe such an event could be. Unlike a typical power outage, which can usually be fixed within a few days, melted transformers could take a long time to replace, especially if the problem were widespread. To get an idea of what might happen we need to study the great geomagnetic storm of May 1921 and the Carrington Event of August-September 1859. As dire as those events were, a similar event today would cause greater devastation due to the obvious fact that we use so much more electricity today compared to then. In 1859 there was virtually no dependence on electricity at all. The upside of solar flares are beautiful bright auroras observed close to the poles.

Getting back to solar minimums: There were few sunspots observed during a time in the second part of the 17th Century called the Maunder Minimum. This time was also known as the Little Ice Age. It is believed by most solar scientists that when there are few sunspots and few solar flares less energy reaches the Earth from the Sun and therefore lower general temperatures result. Does this mean that global warming is not true? No! Solar weather is a different force put upon the Earth’s climate than manmade global warming. It is unlikely that the current solar minimum will last long enough to vastly affect the results of manmade global warming. Obviously if the Sun’s output dramatically changed that could end life on Earth. However such changes usually occur in geologic time across millenia, in other words, very, very slowly. 

Is it possible that some being or entity is giving us a second chance to remedy global warming? I wonder if either a Supreme Being, or the emotional energy of this biosphere called Earth (Gaia and the other living entities on Earth including humanity) or the influence of an advanced alien culture interested in the preservation of a habitable planet is exercising influence on our star the Sun, giving us, the foolish and myopic human race a second chance to fix the global warming problem we created?

Gaia Mask

Above: Mask of Gaia by Lauren Raine

Do you want to have a creative mini-vacation this Spring? Are you interested in exploring the feminine side of the divine? Have you always imagined yourself as Venus or Nu’ut? Ishtar, Freya, Saraswati, Pele or Selu?

This April you can live out that creative dream at THE KRIPALU CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH in the Berkshires (Massachusetts) by attending Lauren Raine‘s Masks of the Goddess: Maskmaking, Ritual and the Goddess Within. Lauren is a wonderful artist and great spirit, who I’ve known for many years. She is dedicated to the concept of the divine feminine and the Gaia Principle.

You will be able to create your own mask and relate to it through ritual. The experience of making a mask is creative and spiritually nourishing and dates back centuries in a variety of cultures the world over.

The dates are:
April 13 – 16, 2008 (Sunday – Wednesday)

For information By Phone: 800-741-7353

masksLauren Raine is a visionary artist. One of her skills is mask making. Please visit her site before January to see and possibly bid on one of her incredible, one of a kind masks. Lauren Raine is a one quarter Native American who is devoted to the environment and the Spirit of Our Mother Gaia (the Earth).