If you are a skeptic regarding life beyond the Earth and/or UFOs, suspend disbelief for a few moments and ponder the possibilities. If an alien race were to contact or visit our planet Earth with whom would they (or it) want to communicate? This would depend on several factors.

Certain people who study such things are drawn to the hypothesis that all evolution across the Galaxy, and perhaps across the Universe would follow a similar pattern. This hypothesis is bolstered by yet another hypothesis called panspermia. According to this theory, life is seeded throughout the galaxy by objects (often and most prominently comets) flying through the cosmos. When a comet, composed largely of ice, passes close to a star, a tail or coma is generated due to the gravitational and magnetic force of the star. The coma is the visible part of the matter ejected from the comet. The matter ejected could contain dormant spores and viruses which over time, as the planets circle their star, may rain down on them in small quantities when the planets pass through the trajectory of that comet. (Please read about the theory of panspermia by Hoyle and Wickramasinge.) So if all life originated on different planets from these same building blocks it might be expected to follow a similar pattern. I find this to be an attractive hypothesis but it has not been definitively proven.

It is plausible that there are several evolutionary paths that cause life to form on different planets. There could be a pathway that uses methane as a main building block or silicon in place of carbon. There could be life forms which neither breath nor respire. The possibilities are virtually limitless and depend on how we define life. Does life require breathing, breeding or consciousness; or all three?

Earth as viewed from NASA's Apollo 8 mission. (courtesy of NASA)

Earth as viewed from NASA’s Apollo 8 mission. (courtesy of NASA)

Then we come to the question of size and purpose. The size of the beings would probably be in some way related to the gravitational force of the planet on which they evolved. If the beings chose to communicate with Earth from afar, size would not be a major factor. Purpose, however, would be. Since the first episodes of Star Trek, ufologists and other interested folks have been entranced by the idea of a galactic federation of humanoid beings. Such an idea postulates that advanced alien races have banded together in some manner for the good of the Galaxy or Universe. With such a worldview or Weltanschauung, the alien beings wish us here on Earth no harm and may even be following some form of anti-interference code.

Other prominent ideas include aliens visiting our solar system in order to mine or retrieve elements or compounds unavailable on their home planet or galactic neighborhood. High on the list of things that some say the visitors may have come for are water and gold. Another less savory theory (for humans anyway) is that aliens may come to abduct, mutilate, enslave or consume us and our animal companions (cattle mutilations). Or maybe there are different aliens and inter-dimensional creatures visiting or communicating for different purposes.

In ufology circles, one often hears a comment to the effect that in order for the truth to be revealed about UFOs, a space ship would have to land on the White House lawn. I find this rather comical in an anthropocentric and Americocentric way. Why do we think other beings would want to communicate with the American government or any other human government? Why would they want to communicate with humans at all? We have done such a piss poor job of maintaining the Planet that we are likely to become largely extinct within the next two hundred years. Why not speak to the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) or cephalopods (squids and octopi)? Both groups have highly intelligent member groups and the cetaceans appear very peace loving. Perhaps the visiting alien race has a “group mind” and certain insects such as ants, bees or termites would be the object of their communiques.

Or in a more sinister vein, suppose the world from which the strangers sprang never had a major asteroid collision? The dinosaurs were the dominant group on the Earth for more than 180 million years before the asteroid hit (theory) and wiped them out, far longer than humanity has been the dominant (and now over-populating) Earth species. I am not the first person to speculate that reptilians could be visiting, or insectoids, for that matter.

Any species capable of travelling or communicating across the light years of interstellar space would certainly be more technologically advanced than humanity, and could be sending out self replicating robots to do their dirty work (can you spell Greys? :-)) It is also possible that they have learned to communicate mind to mind and do not require radio waves (So much for SETI!) or other physical means of communication. Furthermore they could logically be capable of affecting our minds into seeing what they want us to see and be seen or not seen as they wish it. After all, octopi and other earth based life forms practice effective camouflage and they have never even invented the wheel.

But supposing these aliens wanted to communicate, who would they choose? I maintain that it would depend on their purpose. Benevolent aliens would not choose to communicate with violent beings who are destroying their environment unless they had a means by which to alter this rapacious behavior.

Fahrusha is a professional intuitive who thinks a lot about cosmology.

Andromeda Galaxy courtesy of NASA

It is appropriate that this post is being written on the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays. I had to take some time after having this inspiration or transmission or message (I’m not sure how to name it), to percolate and distill the information I’ve received. This will probably be one of my odder posts.

I am very interested in astronomy, especially cosmology, since childhood and take every available opportunity to look through a telescope. In my last post I recounted a visit to Jenny Jump State Forest in New Jersey to look through their telescopes and hear a lecture. One of the celestial objects I was fortunate to see was the Andromeda Galaxy. A gentleman who was standing behind me pointedly said, “The photons currently hitting your retina travelled 20.9 million light years to reach you.” He said nothing else and I never saw his face. He was not the young man operating the telescope, who was also offering up some astronomical facts. He was probably an astronomy club member.

The statement struck me and stayed with me. I had pondered on several occasions, including that very night, the almost unimaginable, uncanny fact that the light generated by stars and galaxies was produced years ago to ages ago, but I never thought about that specific light as photons, individual discrete packages of light particles. The thought stirred something inside of me.

The following weeks on two succesive Thursdays I participated in specific meditations on light suggested by a meditation group member named Roxan L. (you know who you are :-)). These meditations did not have a celestial component, however after trying them several times a channel seemed to open in my mind. I received highly unusual information from a Source I could not identify as I lay in an altered state on my bed in the darkest wee hours of the morning.

Briefly stated, I was told that the photons traveling to Earth from distant stars and galaxies contained information that could be transmitted to the Earth and Her creatures.  Each light body radiates its own specific light, its own photons containing its unique information which can be subtly passed on to us. Specifically it seems that we humans can have our DNA worked upon by these photons and we can thereby evolve. It was further stated that this would become scientific fact in years from now. This proof  is quite some time ahead of us, perhaps not in our lifetimes. For now we must attempt to cut down on nighttime artificial light pollution and keep watching the stars at night. Our evolution and our collecting of subtle information is being slowed down by nighttime light pollution and this could become a serious issue for the health of the beings on this planet.

Up until now I knew that artificial lighting at night can cause problems with our Circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and thus make us fatter. I had no idea it could be hindering the evolution of our DNA. Well, dear reader, I specifically mentioned at the start of this post that it was a strange one.

Update: I just got shivers. I found this article directly after I posted this blogspot a few minutes ago. It deals with the information that can be contained in electrons and photons that can be transmitted to creatures through quantum entanglement. Please read it. Now I feel a lot less weird and somewhat vindicated. I did my meditation on a Thursday night in October. This research was published on November 3, 2010. Major synchronicity!

the largest Moon of Saturn

Titan, the largest Moon of Saturn

While here on Earth we are allowing rapacious corporate interests (BP, Halliburton, et.al.) to kill off millions of years of evolution, in another part of our solar system, life may be evolving:


Earlier this year on this blog, (https://fahrusha.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/no-ufo-disclosure-in-sight-in-2010-but-possibly-an-earth-shaking-revelation/) I predicted that while it was unlikely that there would be any government disclosure on U.F.O.s, it was probable that it would be announced in the not so distant future that rudimentary life had been found elsewhere in the universe. I believe that the above referenced report on Titan, the largest moon Saturn, is a vanguard in this important development. The type of life postulated on Titan would be methane based. If that is the case, it would change the way many researchers think about life as strictly a carbon based system.

The Huygens probe, part of the Cassini-Hugyens space mission, was the first Earth based probe to land on Titan. The mission was launched from Earth in 1997 and the Huygens probe landed on January 14, 2005 and continued to send data for about 90 minutes after reaching the surface of Titan. Its discovery of surface liquid revolutionized scientific thought about Titan.

Here is a link to an awesome N.A.S.A. page about Cassini: http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/index.cfm

Here is an informative talk about Titan, Enceladus and Saturn by planetary scientist Carolyn Porco.

I have always been somewhat attracted to the concepts involved with Sufism. One of those concepts says that humans are still evolving and I find that idea very attractive, but I have been hard pressed to find any examples of this in a world where I see the lowest common denominator constantly being the “people’s choice”. Some elements of the media are egregious proponents of the philosophy of dumbing down the public, and it has been suggested by some that fluoridation of the water supply also has the same hebetudinous effect. Particularly irksome is the idea that being intelligent is somehow undesirable, and that you can be a leader of people from a point of arrogant ignorance; as in I don’t give a rat’s ass that I can’t find Afghanistan on a map I can still bomb the %#*& out of it. I am mildly encouraged that our newly elected President has a reading level that far surpasses My Pet Goat.

That being said, intelligence is not the only measure of human evolution. I would consider two other measures, that of compassion provided by a knowing sense of interconnectedness of all beings and that of new or enhanced capacities provided by the heretofore poorly recognized psi or sixth sense. These two measures are not unrelated as they can both lead toward the same interconnectedness. Likewise, I see two traits emerging in greater numbers in human palms symbolizing human evolution. The first is the Universal Heart Line, a heartline which is long and straight from the outside of the palm under the pinky to midway or further through the mound of Jupiter under the index finger and which shows the capacity to care for others beyond one’s family or social group and whose owners are often involved in charitable endeavours. The second sign is a headline that is disconnected from the lifeline, which indicates the ability for objective thinking and when the disconnect is particularly spacious, the ability for out-of-body experiences (while still alive).

The following article gives new hope for the evolution of human intelligence:

By Melinda Wenner
Live Science
January 9, 2009


Women tend to like smart men because they’re usually more successful and
better providers. But here’s another reason: Their sperm is better, a new
study says.

Researchers at King’s College London, the University of Delaware and the
University of New Mexico recently compared results from five intelligence
tests given to 425 Vietnam War vets in 1985 as part of the U.S. Centers For
Disease Control and Prevention’s Vietnam Experience Study. These vets, aged
31 to 44, also provided sperm samples, so the researchers analyzed the sperm
per milliliter of semen, plus how many of the sperm swam normally, and other
measures of sperm health.

The smarter the men were, the more sperm they produced and the better their
wee ones swam — and it didn’t matter how old the men were or whether they
smoked, drank or were obese.

But why might these two seemingly unrelated traits be linked? Why would
calculus aces or business consultants make better sperm?

Turns out that intelligent people are generally healthier than their
less-clever peers — studies have shown that brainiacs are, for instance,
less likely to suffer from heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Scientists have
suggested that smart people may score less stressful jobs in safer places
and that they may make better lifestyle choices, for instance by exercising
more and eating better. In other words, maybe bright people actually listen
to the Surgeon General.

But these newest findings, to be published in an upcoming issue of the
journal Intelligence, found that negative habits had little effect on sperm
quality, so they don’t support that theory.

The researchers instead speculate that intelligence might be passed down as
part of a larger package of good attributes. One gene can influence multiple
traits, so the genes involved in smarts may somehow improve sperm quality —
and perhaps other characteristics as well.

This could help explain, then, why intelligence can be so sexy: It could
simply be an indicator that a person has a lot of good genes and traits,
says study co-author Geoffrey Miller, a psychologist at the University of
New Mexico.