Shortly before the New York Marathon, I was visited by two very friendly and interesting Maasai warriors from Kenya who were getting acclimated to our town before they participated as runners. I’d visited Kenya and Tanzania about twenty years ago and met a few Maasai people on that trip, so I knew a tiny bit about their rich culture. I am impressed by their care for the environment and their cattle. This visit had nothing to do with my long ago trip, but I am glad to see that these proud people are preserving their culture.


Natural Beauty at Peters Valley

The first thing that strikes one when entering the Peters Valley area is the incredible natural beauty of the setting. This place is a true bucolic gem set on the site of the tiny deserted village of Bevans and former farmland in New Jersey’s Sussex County. There are bear and deer and all manner of small furry local creatures wandering about, including a group of small-eared rabbits that seem to be a natural mutation, because there are also regular rabbits living along side them. I roomed in a rehabilitated 19th century farmhouse on the grounds that had many stories to tell.

Peters Valley is a craft education center that was started in 1970. There are numerous courses from which to choose in the areas of fine metalworking, fiber arts, blacksmithing, ceramics, photography, woodworking and two dimensional design.

I chose to enroll in Basic Jewelry with Frederick Marshall. I have enjoyed beading for more than twenty years and more recently have become involved with energy balancing jewelry employing semiprecious crystals, shell, polished stones and wood. I also worked briefly on Manhattan’s 47th Street for a wonderful jeweler who makes the most beautiful gold antique reproductions. This class focused on copper and silver jewelry with touches of bronze and brass. These are considered the non-ferrous metals (not iron or steel).

Rick Marshall and two students making jewelry

Rick Marshall, our able instructor, assisted by genial Kristin, imparted huge quantities of practical and artistic information to our group of 10 students. He is knowledgeable, humorous and earthy, an all-around regular guy and an easy person with whom to converse. He has a serious job to do because silver and coppersmithing requires the use of very high temperatures, acetylene torches, and potentially dangerous equipment. There is so much to know and digest, I could easily see someone taking this course more than once. Indeed there were two repeaters in the class. The workshop was well appointed with workbenches and tools for everyone to use, along with lots of equipment. That brings me to the only potential downside of this course. If you want to continue doing this at home you must set up an acetylene torch and purchase a significant amount of tools, and possibly, machines such as a flex-shaft.

One fascinating technique we learned was cuttlebone casting. You hand-carve the bone of a cuttlefish to make a one of a kind silver or copper casting. Many people will recognize cuttlebone as the white object fastened to birdcages with which the birds sharpen their beaks! In short, we soldered, rolled, filed, tempered and drilled metal for more than eight hours a day and we loved it. I also had the opportunity to see the blacksmithing class in progress under the tutelege of Jim Wyckoff, and that was very impressive.

What I came home with

I came home with seven items, some of which are unfinished. I am in the process of adding crystal beads and chains, so check back at this post later to see a finished product.

Silver, labradorite and hematite.

Silver, labradorite and hematite.

Here is the silver cuttle bone casting I did, worked into a necklace of labradorite and hematite.

This is a large pendant I made from a practice piece of copper into which I had put some interesting folds. I added a silver and copper “head” and later a mostly quartz (several other crystals mixed in) fringe at the bottom and a long necklace of quartz crystal. It is a rough primitive looking piece.

On the morning of January 10th I awoke abruptly from sleep with an image clearly emblazoned in my mind. The image was of a piece of white paper, slightly crumpled but unwrinkled and untorn, as though it had been outside a bit. On it was written, I believe, a quote from the Bible. It was written hastily in dark black pencil or ink by someone who printed in a manner that, graphologically speaking, would seem to be a vigorous man with mechanical talent. I could not read what it said. It flashed before my newly conscious mind the way a remote viewing sometimes does, as a camera lens aperture snaps a quick shot. I did see the book of the Bible though and it was John. I got the strong feeling that the paper was left at the scene of an occurrence for which the writer was responsible. I got the feeling that it was in the Southeast of the USA.

I got up a little while later and while making coffee, noticed not for the first time, the smell of cigar smoke. No one here smokes cigars.

Later on that morning I fell back asleep briefly. Again I woke with a start to the sound of people outside. I got up and ran down and opened the door, where I saw people standing staring at thick smoke of a yellow grey variety in the distance moving towards me and them like a wall. I quickly slammed the door shut. And then I woke again to this reality. I’ve had some trouble sleeping for the last couple nights due to being very awake at bedtime. This departs from my typical insomnia in which I wake up in the middle of the night after several hours. I am looking at the Book of John to find clues.

On Monday evening I was honored to participate at a dinner party for Mina Lee, the talented fashion designer of Derercuny, at the elegant downtown (NYC) home of the very gracious Vanessa von Bismarck. I read tarot cards for the guests. Carol Han of Elle.com was kind enough to include me in her account of the party. http://fashion.elle.com/blog/

In trends of the holiday party world, I have noticed in my own work that though tarot card reading remains my most popular offering, handwriting analysis is edging out palmistry by a wide margin. I think this is because handwriting analysis can be successful even in a very loud party environment, where hearing what is being said can be daunting. The actual analysis can be a nice take-away party reminder.

Though it was not my initial intention to create this blog to be about entertaining, that is in fact what my life is about this time of year. I enjoy the good fortune to bring people the opportunity to explore ideas about the paranormal in a friendly, non-threatening, and celebratory environment. If I bring an “Ah-ha” moment to an event attendee I am thrilled to have participated in opening a portal for them which they can further explore.


I had an odd experience vis a vis an e-mail and a blog entry of Frank DeMarco (Moonstruck flock to Arizona light collector- check it out).The same morning of the blog entry (Friday) I woke very early and decided that instead of getting up, I’d stay abed using my new Remote Viewing take home CD from the Monroe Institute. I was having an interview with a Japanese newspaper about things that might happen in 2008. So my RV goal was to foresee some big or major news events for the coming year. I got my earphones on and my paper and pencil next to me for notes and proceeded to listen. I remember jotting down a few images I saw and then dropping out (like dozing off but with a qualitative difference) for about 90% of the CD time. During the dropout period I had the coolest body sensations of rippling and rocking. The rocking I’ve had several times before but the rippling was all new and really cool like my body was made of water.I had a breakfast appointment that I was nearly late for when I woke up and did not check my notes as I climbed down from my loft bed and into my clothes. I later checked my email and saw Frank’s post and sent off an e-mail response about how interesting I thought it was.Later in the afternoon before the Japanese newspaper guys stopped by, I went up the ladder to fetch my notes and collect my thoughts. As I read through them I saw scrawled there amongst 5-6 items. Arizona. Lots sm. solar cells… white… brigtht… blue… on dish. Then it hit me. Was this a future oriented event or did I just “see” the picture from Frank’s post? Reading my notes jarred my memory (and I will try to keep better notes in the future because of this experience). The significant difference between the photos of the actual moonbeam array and what I “saw” was the shape of the array. I saw a dish, not a rectangular array, but interestingly the small round cells glowed a bright bluish white like moonbeams.These adventures just get more interesting all the time!


Fahrusha and Diana Falzone on PaltalkOn Thursday, December 6th, I was a guest on the Diana Falzone Show live on Paltalk.com. We had a lot of fun talking about psychic subjects both on and off camera. Through the magic of the internet we spoke to Paltalk members live. I read tarot cards for the callers to answer their questions. Diana is a terrific host, a multitalented performer, and a very personable and attractive young woman. Thanks to both Tanya Meunier and Gary Baumgarten for making it all possible. The photo is by Gary Baumgarten.

Fahrusha analyzing handwriting Yesterday evening I had fun analyzing handwriting at a wine tasting party at New York City’s Metro Cafe & Wine Bar. The party was a press reception for Dow Jones Stoxx division. A great time was had by all. The sommelier was very knowledgeable. If I wasn’t working, I certainly would have tasted the wine!

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