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January 25, 2017

This is a sort of personal experience and frankly I am not sure what it means, but it certainly is very curious. By personal I am not indicating that it shares many intimate details about my life or the life of my client.

I wonder if any of my readers have ever dreamed about anyone else’s dream? I woke up this morning not even realizing that my dream was a dream. It appeared in my mind, more in the manner of a memory. I remembered seeing a TV news report of a plane crash and thinking at the time in the ‘dream’ to myself, I’ll have to tell Jill that her dream misfortunately came true. It took me a few minutes of wandering through my morning, making and drinking coffee, to realize that I had seen no such news report, so it must have been a dream. The screen that I had seen the news report on was slightly smaller than my own TV, which is not really  very big. And I was watching in a very dimly lit room.

Several days ago I had received a terse email from Jill entitled Dream:

“There was a plane crash on U.S. Soil. Shortly after takeoff. I don’t know which air line . or where it was going. In the dream I was supposed to be on the next flight of the same airline. Obviously I wasn’t. Jill”

She later asked me if I thought the dream might be precognitive. Since she had had precognitive dreams in the past, I told her that she should monitor the news for a few days to see if it happened. I then basically forgot about it.

As far as I know there have been no such occurrences that would match Jill’s dream as of yet. Obviously at some point in the future a plane crash will happen in the US. So it raises a number of questions. How long a window does one give such a dream to manifest? She was very upset by the dream as she expressed in subsequent emails. I told her to watch for 72 hours. This was somewhat arbitrary, but since the dream was not that specific, at least in the details given to me, I thought it was fair.

What is weirder to me is my dream, which I did not remember as a dream, but as a news report actually seen. I have never to my knowledge dreamed of someone else’s dream. Also my dream had no context that it was part of, other than that I was watching TV. Furthermore, Jill, though a very nice person, is not a major player in my life. I speak to many people everyday who are in some ways closer to me.

The part that is curious and almost troubling, is the way that my dream presented itself to me this morning as a memory, not a dream. Is it possible that I was tapping in to some alternate reality? I’m not sure, but it is now an entry in my dream journal and it will be interesting to see if the experience is meaningful in retrospect.

I made a very quick check on the internet to see if there were any reports about someone dreaming about another person’s dream and there were not. There are reports of dream sharing especially in other cultures wherein dreams play a bigger role in the life of the community. Dream sharing is when two or more people have the same dream and sometimes they report seeing one another in that dream. It is thought that this can be enhanced through practice and intention.

Update: This story gets even stranger. In the early morning of January 28, 2017, I had a very long dream. The part of it that is significant is as follows: I come out of a building and sit down on a wooden deck on a wooden bench in the sun. It appears to be a resort setting. It is warm out. I see young men who seem to be employees arranging items in the near distance. I call out to one of them, asking what is happening. He says he is preparing for the parade. A bit later it is evening and there is a cocktail party happening. I am a bit uncomfortable because of the flirting and fancy dress of the occasion. Lots of “the beautiful people” in their thirties are in attendance. Then it turns cold and it is daytime again and there are more wooden benches like bleachers. I am in a big down coat trying to save a place for myself and a friend who will be joining me. There is much jostling and minor dramas occur, but everyone is civil. But the parade never happens! I leave the scene with my friend and we walk through a beautiful pedestrian plaza at nighttime.

On January 30, 2017 I receive the following email missive from my client who I have not spoken with: “I had a dream that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady had split up.. She wanted out..and she got out. It was a dream that I had this A/m/ (sic) when I have psychic dreams. Also I dreamt I was trying to get them back together.. Hey, I don’t even know them.. It was a dream. There was a parade forming for a holiday when I tried to get them together.. She just up and walked…” Again, here, the parade never happened.

Someone I know suggested that the parade that doesn’t happen could be connected to the Super Bowl. I have zero interest in football. I did not even realize there was a parade connected to it nor did I know the date it was being played or who the teams are. I have zero interest in spectator sports and avoid watching them.

I guess time will tell if this dream subject will have any further significance.

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