Crinoid fossil on Mars?

Crinoid fossil on Mars?

One of the most popular questions in the UFO community is “What does the Government know about UFOs and any life in the cosmos? What are they not telling us?” Many books and researchers have concentrated on this subject. The contemporary person that immediately comes to mind is Rich Dolan and his trilogy UFOs and the National Security State.

On this blog, I have written in the past about the wish for “disclosure”. Disclosure is the concept, popular in ufology, concerning the hope that at some time in the future the government will reveal what they know about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. It has been my hypothesis that any disclosure would come slowly, if at all, and keep pace with obvious scientific discoveries. When consensus opinion catches up with the reality of what clearly is, gradual disclosure can be made.

Literally, as I am writing this, NASA has announced 715 new exoplanets found in our galaxy by the Kepler telescope. Four of these 715 planets are approximately the size and type (rocky) of our Earth and in the habitable zone and are added to those previously discovered. One has to wonder when it will become statistically obvious to everyone concerned that Earth cannot be the only inhabited planet. So the first step of a scientific disclosure is evolving.

But what does the government know and have they been lying to the citizens? Here I must make a brief aside. The monolithic concept “the government” is a misnomer. When you see the words “the government” it is common to make the assumption that a unified entity is being discussed. For starters, in September 2013 the US Federal government employed approximately 2,723,000 individuals (incidentally the lowest figure since 1966). Most of these people are clueless as to any secrets held by the government agencies regarding extraterrestrial life. If these secrets are indeed held by the government, they are held possibly by NASA, the military, the alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA, etc.) and in black and deep black projects. One only has to peruse the work of dedicated Canadian researcher Grant Cameron to learn that even our own Presidents could not access all the classified files on UFOs. Then CIA director George H. W. Bush reportedly told incoming President Jimmy Carter that UFO information was dispensed on “the need to know” and apparently Carter did not have the “need to know.”

I became a reader of an astronomy blog on the internet called waiting for ison, because I was interested to see if the comet would become observable to the naked eye in the fall of 2013. Sadly, the comet mostly broke up in its closest swing around the sun. Maybe it will reconstitute itself when it goes back out into the Oort Cloud through the accretion of dust and ice particles and come back into our inner Solar System to dazzle future generations should Earthlings survive several hundred years, in itself a dubious prospect.

While on the site I amused myself by reading the various comments coming from persons with a wide swath of philosophical persuasions from hard-nosed materialists to Bible thumping End-times preachers. I was gratified to see that a number of professional astronomers and astronomy educators were of the opinion that the panspermia theory of life on Earth was most logical. But I also came upon a reference to an article there from which really baffled me.

Quoting the 2009 article by Leonard David “A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.” Scientists had depended on this information and are baffled why the government would suddenly classify these important reports as secret. This certainly does not align with the concept of an open and transparent government. There may be an important clue in this to answering the question: Is the government hiding anything about UFOs?

On 02/25/2014 a video (actually mostly an audio recording) was released on YouTube featuring respected former veteran (46 years) NASA astrobiologist and “Inventor of the Year” Richard Hoover PhD, who confirmed that scientists have long known that there is water (liquid, frozen and vapor) on Mars, that parts of the Martian landscape can warm to 60 degrees F. during the Martian summer and that meteorites from space contain the remains of biological microorganisms from an extraterrestrial source. NASA was fully aware of the afore- mentioned facts.  The photographic evidence of water on Mars has been obscured and the possible fossils of crinoid-type creatures have been destroyed purposely by NASA! NASA said they wanted to analyze the composition of the rock. Here is evidence that ANIMALS once lived on Mars! It goes against all scientific protocol to destroy a possible fossil to analyze the rock that contains it. And this is arguably the most important fossil ever discovered.  Thank you to Lee Spiegel for this wonderfully enlightening interview. Take the time to watch/ listen to this. You will not be disappointed. Hoover admits that he has no idea why NASA would have obscured and destroyed the evidence and he is NOT of the opinion that we have been visited by UFOs.

Bringing the conversation around to another point of view is the interview I conducted with former #001 DIA remote viewer Joe McMoneagle on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. I see Joe about once a year while visiting the prestigious Monroe Institute where I am a member of the Professional Division. I told him I’d be doing a blog piece about what the government might know and be hiding about UFOs and extraterrestrial life and why they might be keeping the secret. Joe is a member of the Board of Advisers of TMI and teaches the Remote Viewing Practicum there.

Joe said that he basically agrees with the point of view expounded by Col. John B. Alexander, PhD, in his must-read book, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities. I want to point out that both of these men have been career military officers, much of the time in the area of intelligence and are in a far greater than average position to “know”.  In fact Alexander’s book deals with his search to find out the truth about UFO secrets inside the government and comes to the general conclusion that UFOs are real, the government knows this, but knows very little about what UFOs are.

Basically Joe McMoneagle said: “UFOs definitely exist, but I am not sure whether they are extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, or time travellers, or some combination of the three. If they are extraterrestrial visitors from other star systems they must on some level be time travellers in order to overcome the vast inter-stellar distances. They are definitely more technologically advanced than we are. Thirty years or so ago, most all scientists were of the opinion there was no water on Mars, no other planetary systems and no real possibility of other intelligent life in the Universe. I can’t find those guys today! Where did they go?” Here I remark, “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Joe laughs. “Yeah, maybe so! The probability of intelligent alien life living close enough to Earth to come by conventional means is unlikely. They (extraterrestrials) are probably jumping stars with a kind of time machine. The government kept the observation of UFOs in the US secret because of national security. They couldn’t mention it during the Cold War because they weren’t sure what these things (UFOs) were. They might have been Soviet. They couldn’t signal that these unidentifieds had gotten through our security with no problem. It would have been an intelligence disaster. You know about the shutting down of Mallstrom and Minot?” I nod. “The nuclear missiles which were spread out over miles, got shut down by a hovering UFO in different incidents. Well, they’ve declassified that.”

I ask him about possible life on Mars: “Sure, there is not just water there but everything life needs, frozen at the poles. In fact I’d volunteer to be on that one way trip to Mars. I’d love to be among the first settlers on Mars. My jury is out though on Cydonia plain. Humans see patterns, their brains are engineered to see patterns where there may be none.” “Pareidolia?”, I say. “Yeah,” says Joe.

In conclusion, I do think certain agencies of the government know more than they are telling us, but less than some ufologists think they do. I believe that the shifting paradigm of the public towards the reality of some form of life on other planets and exoplanets will allow for more openness regarding this subject. It is possible that the Hollywood film industry’s focus on science “fiction” movies has paved the way for public acceptance of extraterrestrial life.

Update: 03/04/2014 Synchronistically, the day after I have published this piece, this information is published in the KurzweilAI Newsletter:

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Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle, 02/26/2014

Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle, 02/26/2014