I have been involved in a few interesting web-based activities in the meditational/psychic area of late that are open to all. First is the Peace Intention Experiment promoted and planned by Lynn McTaggart of Living In The Field. Every day this week just past noon, participants focus on the same target. The intention is to lower violence in the targeted area by having thousands of individuals meditate on peace there. The target is the Wanni region of Sri Lanka that has been wracked with violence for years (1983) due to a civil war. Currently the experiment is still in progress and I hope to be able to report that there have been positive results when the effects have been tabulated.

I have also been listening to some fascinating podcasts, most outstandingly The Paracast. While I don’t agree with everything the hosts, Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, say, they certainly are on the same page with me! Their presentations are interesting and extremely informative interviews with individuals at the forefront of paranormal investigations like Nick Pope, Philip Imbrogno, Dr. Steven Greer, Jan W. Vandersande and many, many others. Steinberg and Biedny are not “true believers” and they are not debunkers, they are critical thinkers with well thought out questions for their guests. I highly recommend their podcast if you have an interest in anomalies and thirst for some stimulating discussion on the subject. Many, but not all of the programs deal with the UFO phenomena.

I have also signed up with the Arlington Institute to participate in a premonitions project they are beginning. Honestly I have not been able to figure out the website as to how it works. Hopefully it will become clearer. Maybe there will be more on this later too.