It’s not over yet in Stephensville, Texas. Sightings continue. The following is a quote from an eye witness: “Also this one was more stationary and not bouncing around like the night of Jan. 8. Now, you cannot see it with the naked eye but it was spinning. And the guy that called said he could see it spinning through the telescope. But, he said he could see something attached to the top and the bottom, something like a capsule or some kind of object. He also told me it was bouncing around in his telescope view but didn’t bounce around when viewing with the naked eye.” Constable Lee Roy Gaitan

The complete article with photograph & video:

This brings me to speculate further that these visitors could be from the future due to the spinning motion of the craft. Or perhaps the Air Force is working on a time machine and that is why they are intent on shutting up the vocal witnesses.

Here is a link to a you-tube video explaining spinning and time travel:

YouTube – Discovery – First Time Machine 

I believe time would stop totally if the Universe stopped spinning and moving. My argument with physical “in the biological body” time travel has always been that we are not anywhere nearly in the same place in the Universe that we were, say, 100 years ago. The Earth is spinning and also circumnavigating its orbit around the Sun. The Sun is orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy and the galaxy is also traveling through the Universe. But if you view Earth as static and everything else moving relative to it, does that change anything? I don’t know.