Bond Street PhotoRecently on one of the listserves about (mostly) metaphysical issues, that I subscribe to, there was a discussion about taking a stand for a cause versus standing down. It was very disturbing to me. I recall some time ago reading a criticism of the so-called New Age movement that alleged that members of the movement were being duped into mindless submission and inaction by others with ulterior motives. The critic said that these others were pushing a philosophy which involved inaction in the physical world in favor of positive thinking and mental manipulations, to replace protests and civil disobedience, making it easier for people with totalitarian ambitions to seize control. I do not know that that is true.

In any case, many on this listserve were in favor of nonaction. I am not talking about peaceful resistance of the sort that Gandhi preached, but standing back and playing it safe in order to survive. And they were expounding metaphysical reasons for doing so. I humbly disagree. If you are a person who believes that this life is all there is, only one time around and then the light is extinguished, you might argue for playing it safe in order to extend existence as long as possible. But you could also want to savor the gusto of being immersed in life’s adventure to the hilt. If you are a traditional Christian, one suspects you believe you were put here for a Divine Reason and you should fight the good fight for what you perceive as right and help your fellow man, and not shrink into your safety zone. If you are a believer in some form of reincarnation it usually involves learning lessons and burning karma in each successive life and that means participating. I am aware that this is a vast generalization.

I myself do try to stay involved and feel a bit guilty when my inner journey takes precedence for too long . So partly to assuage my guilt but really because it is the right thing to do, I would like to introduce you to some people who are trying to make a difference in this space time continuum here on Earth.

The Bond Street Theater Coalition, headed by Michael McGuigan and Joanna Sherman, brings theater and clowning to places of strife around the world and in that performance venue they address social, political, and environmental issues that are substantive to the audience. They say about themselves that they are “A physical theatre company with a social consciousness, a global view, and a sense of humor.” At great personal cost and risk they have gone to the Balkans, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan to promote cross cultural understanding. Please do yourself a favor and check out their work.

Changing the world really does happen one person at a time.